How can you surprise yourself more often?

Hi friends & new subscribers,

I hope your first week of 2023 went well so far.

Mine was a little bit chaotic. I spent Jan 2nd and 3rd working at a random hospital in Toronto. I signed up as an agency nurse where I can work in any of the Emergency department that my agency works with.

It was a terrifying experience because I hadn’t worked in a busy Emergency department since 2021, and I was scared that I’d forgotten everything I knew.

But I was wrong. Nursing is like riding a bike.

And more importantly, this whole experience made me so impressed with myself.

It sounds a little bit narcissistic but trust me, if you’re a creator in the world, you need these self-obsessed/self-confidence feelings.

I was so impressed with myself because:

  1. I didn’t get any orientation in the hospital (usually you get 1 day orientation before they put you to work in a new hospital)
  2. I knew nothing about their workflow, their hospital system, medication system, the staff that I was working with, and yet I somehow managed to survive

Every time I think about it, I get the feeling of “I can’t believe I did that, what was I thinking?”

It’s the same feeling when I went to become a travel nurse for the first time.

It’s the same feeling when I first launched my digital product.

I think the combination of being a creator and being a travel nurse led me to increase my baseline for discomfort.

By learning to surprise yourself, you'll learn how to be comfortable with getting out of your comfort zone. And that leads to a sweet self-confidence.

So my question for you this week is, how can you surprise yourself more often so you can build the confidence to keep pursuing your dreams?

Keep dreaming. (Source)

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I'm going to experiment with this section where I share the cool things I find throughout the two weeks!

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⏳ Time tracker: Horo - If you have a mac, this tool can be installed at the top of your mac, and you can visualize how much time you've been working on your task. It takes 5 seconds to start unlike other apps like Clockify which has too much friction to start.

With online love 💛,